Urban Environmental Parameters Monitoring

Monitoring urban environmental parameters is key to ensure healthy conditions to citizens. Smart Cities are those that monitor its own conditions and raise alerts if some conditions are met. Lots of methods and technologies for sensing environmental parameters in cities are market available, but most of them are expensive and have limitations.

The technology developed by Urban Clouds is an innovative solution to most of these limitations. It provides a low cost, robust and mobile sensor network capable of monitoring large cities areas. Data from temperature, pressure, O3, CO, NO2, humidity and sound sensors are captured and sent to servers for its analysis and visualization.

  • Real time monitoring, Interactive, Web App

Use Case: UrbanM dashboard

Real Data Facts has developed the dashboard system for Urban system. It's a complete real time monitoring system able to display the information captured by the network sensors. All the information is georeferenced and in some cases aggregated by urban areas calculating means, maximums, minimums and medians values amongst other statistical values. Also temporal aggregations are made in order to visualize the historic evolution of these parameters. This exploitation system is able to raise alerts if specific conditions are met, like some gas emissions beyond limits, providing public agencies in charge of Smart Cities management a way to measure its environmental health.