Tourism Data Management Systems

Data analysis has huge potential in tourism sector in order to make better informed decisions. Online reputation management through the extraction of Internet tourists opinions, revenue management based on internal data complemented with rate data available in online travel agencies, new market segments and latest tourism trends are just some examples that illustrate the power of data in this area.

Hotels and restaurants professionals or destination management bodies can benefit from these applications. Real Data Facts have developed several tools that allow to exploit the information behind these data sources: online opinion extraction and analysis systems that helps to manage online reputation, real time monitoring of social networks material discovering most visited places and geo-temporal relationships.

Case of use: Seville photos

The analysis of touristic photos from Seville published in social networks showed some interesting spatial and temporal patterns. These results can be used to improve the public services offered to tourists based in their position. Moreover as time is linked to position resources can be intelligent allocated based on these relationships. Another application is the measure of the effectiveness of great events and marketing campaigns that provoke more photo publications.