Smart Invest

Real Estate Investments involve decisions that move lots of money. Those decisions are based in extensive reports that try to catch every piece of relevant information. The first challenge is to identify the right variables: some of them are well known and are included in every report, but there are many others that can be added completing the scenario. With the appearance of initiatives like Open Data promoted by public entities, new data sources are available. It's mandatory to integrate them in the decision making process.

On the other hand, some of the data sources used are intrinsically dynamic, so it's necessary to observe historical records. Moreover sometimes predictions are needed based on past values. For this reason it's necessary to have the right tools to capture changes, fluctuations, that translate in investment opportunities. Smart Invest is an app specially designed to be used by real estate investment professionals to elaborate, rate and monitor their investment portfolios. It's been developed to be modular and configurable, being able to incorporate different data sources. Being a web app, the user can interact with it, allowing not only to show the information as a traditional report can, but allowing to use it like a simulator and thus adjusting the parameters to visualize different investment scenarios.

  • Reporting System, Interactive