We provide high quality, robust and adapted solutions based on new technologies, covering all the data cycle, from extraction to visualization. We work in different industry sectors: tourism, retail, banking or real state

Full Stack Analists


Auditing all the data sources available inside a company is the first step to exploit the data potential. Data coming from different sources in different formats are identified.


Unstructured data need to be manipulated and converted into suitable and uniform format. Missing values must be handling at this stage obtaining sanitized data.


Internal data sources can be augmented with external ones. Data coming from several sources as social networks activities, web databases, open data can be integrated in order to generate the most complete and relevant compilation of data for an enterprise.


Applying machine learning techniques and statistical principles led us to analyze the data and to build models that mimic the process that underlies. These models allows decision makers to prove their hypothesis and to study different scenarios


The results of a data analysis process must be delivered to decisions makers. It is necessary to elaborate concise and relevant reports that highlights the most important outcomes and explain the conditions under those where obtained.


Businesses and markets are dynamic, so data analysis must be updated in order to capture new trends, early opportunities. We provide tools to incorporate new data as soon as there are created staying sure that decisions are taking based in the latest information..

Solutions Portfolio

We cover a wide range of solutions, offering the rigth tool in every project.

Data Extraction

Extract data from web sources (social networks, web listings, open data sources, etc.). We build robust extraction tools able to retrieve the information your business need.

Big Data

Have huge amounts of data?. This is not a problem for us. We are big data specialists designing a developing big data applications.

Benchmarking and Competitive Intelligence

Monitor your competitors, discover new entrants and establish your competitive performance.

Interactive Web Apps

Make your data be dynamic developing web apps with the latest technologies. We build interactive dashboards and simulators based on powerful visualization techniques and tools.

Data Monitoring Reports

Receive in your mail an executive report with relevant data (price monitoring, stock availability, client comments, etc) published in Internet. Fresh and relevant data in your inbox at a periodic rate.

Technology Consultancy

We offer our experience working with different technologies. Have to build some kind of data information system? Take advantage of our knowledge.

We provide adapted solutions

Each market has different needs and requirements. We put all our know how and experience to become the data scientist team of your company. Actually we have solutions for Real State investments, Tourism Destination Monitoring, Retail Price Monitoring.

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