Oil Prices Monitor in Spain

Oil prices are a clear example of "foggy" information. They are publicly available, but the way they are shown are not useful to make real life decisions: when and where to refuel our cars.

Real Data Facts developed a web application using the latest web technologies in order to adopt the customer point of view: is there real competence in between the gas stations in my city? ¿How much can I save if I choose the most cheapest and closest one? How much can be saved if people collective and collaborative decided to refuel in those cheapest stations?.

  • Web app, Interactive, price monitoring

Use case: Carbuahorro App

Carbuahorro is the name of the app developed by Real Data Facts that monitor the spanish oil prices providing information ready to use by customers. This tool has been developed using technologies like MongoDB, Node JS and Angular JS, that improve the user experience. For every Spanish city the number of gas stations by oil company are calculated revealing the market share. Also the minimum and maximum price for each carburant type are displayed showing the gas stations and calculating the distance between them. Using this web app can show the lack of real competence in some cities whereas there are real opportunities to save money in others.