Hotel Prices Time Series

Hotel price policies (revenue management) are based on several factors ranging from competence prices to the occurrence of big events. These policies have to be feeded with fresh information so that decisions can be made fast. Having the right tools to monitor all these factors are essentials to automate the process and be agile.

Real Data Facts provides solutions to monitor prices and rates in several areas, including hotelier sector. These solutions are robust and easy to configure, providing the most relevant information for each case.

  • Price monitoring, benchmarking, real time

Use case: Seville Hotel Prices Series

Analyzing four star category hotels in Seville using our tools, allowed to characterize the rate policies for those hotels through time, identifying some price fixing patterns and highlighting the impact of singular events (April Fair, Tennis Davis Cup). Also, heat maps were drawn revealing the spatial distribution of hotel prices. These heat maps were used in other european cities such as London, Paris and Rome demonstrating the power of this technique to visualize rates time series projected in a geographical map.