Credit Cards Transation Analysis

BBVA is one of the most important spanish banks which recently launched an Innovation Center in order to apply the latest technologies in the bank sector. One of its initiatives was to publicly open its credit cards transactions via API so that third parties startups could develop applications exploiting these data.

Real Data Facts developed an application using this source and complement it with data related with online options available through Internet. The objective was to try to measure the correlation of online reputation with income in restaurants located in Madrid.

  • Data source curation, report generation

Use case: reputation vs income

The applications developed showed the relationship between reputation extracted from reviews published online by customers and credit card transactions data provided by BBVA. Through interactive panels and graphs, each restaurant can be analysed discovering the income produced by each age category, sex category, day of week, hour of day all of these linked to it online reputation. All this information can be used to make better decisions, improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns or make benchmarking studies.